How to fix clogged cartridge

Tutorial fix clogged cartridge 

How to Fix Cartridge that Plugs  -Do you ever encounter an issue with your printer cartridge, eg plugs or don't escape his ink ?? This time I will take the case of settling the plug on the cartridge Canon MP258 printer, the issue is, dark printer ink does not turn out while the ink is still there. This truly makes the employment won't be postponed? At that point I attempt to discover an answer with the assistance of looking on Google, and it turns out the issue as it is regularly the case in long printer or its cartridges have been refilled.

The strides that we can do is spotless the Print Head cartridge with existing offices on the printer utilizing a PC, Perform cleanup in the level, if the path through the product does not work then there are two approaches to a cartridge that is specifically on his .As way we can do is douse Cartridge head into the boiling hot water and clean the tub (tank) the Cartridge. On the off chance that you are not certain then you don't need to take after my recommendation, yet for those of you who need to attempt how about we attempt the accompanying strides:

How to Fix Cartridge that Plugs

How to Fix Cartridge that Plugs
Cartridge MP258

How to fix cartridge:

how to fix ink cartridge

1. Remove the Cartridge
2. Open the top COVER by way mencongkelnya Cartridge wear flat-head screwdriver (-)
3. Remove the foam contained in the Cartridge
4. Soak the FOAM with water and wipe to clean
5. Soak shake while Head Cartridge with warm water for 15-20 minutes (try the CHIPS do not get wet)
6. after Cartridge finished soaking, pour a small amount of warm water into the tub (tank) Cartridge  while rinsed thoroughly
7. Clean the bath (tank) Cartridge with tissue
8. Cartridges with dry foam and the heat of the sun until completely dry
9. reinsert cartridges as before, use glue to unite the cover Cartridge
10.content of approximately 4ml ink into the cartridge and let it soak for up to 15 minutes
11.attach it back to the Printer Cartridges
12.Perform print head cleaning process through computer
13.Perform the test if no acyl anything then let stand several hours.

Good luck, if you do not want to experience it or lazy to do as above, buy original cartridges after the ink has run out (Canon always advise you to replace the cartridge that has run out with a new one so that your printer is still durable).
good luck, Hopefully Helpful

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